Investment & Process



Firstly you will fill out a branding questionnaire so that I can learn a bit more about your business. This is necessary to see if I am the right photographer for your requirements. Then we will hold a telephone/video consultation to go more in depth about what type of images you would like to create. I often ask for you to bring along or send me a mood board of images you like the feel of too!


We will shoot for up to 8 hours to capture all your branding material you need. The images are shot methodically and you will be fully briefed on each stage in your pre-shoot consultation. I will bring with me any necessary lighting, backdrops, props and equipment based upon our discussions.


I take the images away to process and create an extensive gallery of images. At this stage the images are only lightly retouched, colour corrected and colour graded.


Two weeks after your session we will meet in person (or via video call) to select the images you would like for your Branding Collection and to discuss any further retouching needs. There is basic retouching included in the price but any further retouching will be quoted at the time. Depending on retouching requirements you will receive your images back within 3 working days.

Choose Your Package



Book my Signature Offer and save £100!

Up to 8 hours of photography and a comprehensive branding collection of 50 digital images with a 1 year all media license.



Up to 8 hours shooting only. This leaves you free to decide which Collection (detailed below) you would like later on.


£90 pp

Whether it's yourself or your whole team, you will receive exceptional headshot portraits for off or online use. 20 minutes shooting time per person.

Session Fee Only.

Digital Image Collections

Collection 1


Single digital images with a 1 year all media license

Collection 2


10 digital images with a 1 year all media license.

Collection 3


50 digital images with a 1 year all media license.

Need Something Bespoke?

Bespoke Branding Packages

Bespoke Branding - POA

My personal branding packages fit the majority of individuals or small businesses but in the case of larger businesses a bespoke business branding or commercial package may suit your requirements better.


Do you have a studio?

I don't have my own personal studio but I can hire spaces that suit your branding style or a space for my portable studio to be set up. A large amount of my clients wish to have images in the space they work in or outside.

What if I don't like the images?

In the very rare case that I haven't quite understood what you are looking for I appreciate total honesty as early on as possible in the process. You are under no obligation to purchase any of the images if you don't like them but all digital image purchases are final and non refundable.

How far do you travel for branding sessions?

As far as my car, a boat or an aeroplane will take me!

Do you have a question I've not answered?

Send me an email through my Contact page!